Several Homes coming soon

We have several homes that we are aware will be coming up soon for lease but we don’t have pictures and prices for all of them yet. ¬†We will update this list in the next couple weeks as we then provide more details on each of these.


Coming Soon!

Brentwood model – 951 sq ft

Monterey model – 961 sq ft


  1. My mother has a home that we are considering leasing – It is a Brentwood and on the golf course. How do we go about placing an ad in the newsletter?

  2. Janet Alvarez says:

    We are looking to rent or lease a house there is Leisure Village but need to know what is included in the rent? I notice in the post above that there are HOA monthly dues. Is that separate from the rent or is it included in the rent?

  3. Marlene Erickson says:

    My husband and myself are interested in renting something there in Leisure Village and we were wondering if you know of any properties that will be avalible June 1 2012. Also is there a fitness center on the property? Thank you so much for your help.

  4. Glenda says:

    How old do you have to be to live here???

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