2014 Barlow Buzz – Leisure Village Edition

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What Do My HOA Dues Cover?

There is so much covered by your HOA dues it is hard to list everything but here is a list — giving it our best shot…

☺ Guarded Security Gate

☺ Patrolling Security – They are checking the Village constantly 24 hours a day.

☺ Free RV Parking

☺ Basic Extended Cable TV from Time Warner

☺ Water Usage

☺ Trash and Recycle pick up

☺ Gardening around your home (if plants are all LV approved)

☺ Lifetime Roof Protection – No additional cost to you!

☺ All Wood Trim and Doors are painted approximately every eight years

☺ Fire, Hazard, & Earthquake Insurance on complete Home plus added Rooms (personal effects not covered)

☺ Activities Galore

☺ Paddle-tennis

☺ Bocce

☺ Horseshoes

☺ Golf

☺ Tennis

☺ Shuffleboard

☺ Heated Swimming Pool

☺ Hot Tub

☺ Sewing Room

☺ Woodshop

☺ Lapidary

☺ Ceramics Work Area

☺ Library

☺ Many Organized Clubs!

☺ Common Area Maintenance

☺ All Security Personnel are Trained in Emergency Medical First Aid


August Quiz Question

August Quiz Question


What is the cheapest and most popular fruit?

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Am I Able To Transfer My Property Taxes?

The State of California allows for seniors a one time property tax transfer but the Proposition is not honored in all Counties.

Here is some information from the CA state Board of Equalization’s website.

What are Propositions 60 and 90?

Propositions 60 and 90 are constitutional amendments passed by California voters that provides property tax relief for persons aged 55 and over. Implemented by section 69.5 of the Revenue and Taxation Code*, it allows these persons, under certain conditions, to transfer a property’s factored base year value from an existing residence to a replacement residence.

Typically the property tax of a newly purchased or constructed residence is based on its current market value upon change of ownership. However, the provisions of Propositions 60 and 90 may result in substantial tax savings since it allows the adjusted base year value of the original (sold) property to be transferred to the newly purchased or constructed home if eligibility requirements are met.

* Section 69.5 also sets forth the provisions of Proposition 110 which allows the transfer of a base year value for severely and permanently disabled persons. Except for the disability factor, the qualifications for Propositions 60/90 are same as Proposition 110.


For more information about how to transfer your taxes visit this link to the Board of Equalization.

Click below for the PDF required to be filed by Ventura County.

  Prop 60 or 90 filing (459.3 KiB, 2,597 hits)

How much is an average electric bill in this electric only community?



I have been told Leisure Village homes have no gas and are therefore powered only electrically. So how much should I plan for as an electric bill?

It is true that all the homes run off electric power. It is hard to put a number on your monthly bill because it will vary based on your usage, home size, and type/quality of appliances. Your best resource is to check with Southern California Edison Company at (800) 655-4555.  If you call SCE and give them the address of the home you are interested in, they will give you an idea of the past average electric bills. You can also use www.sce.com.

Does Leisure Village provide transportation in and around Leisure Village?

Leisure Village is an active senior community and therefore does NOT provide transportation to its residents within the community. Residents either walk, bike, drive, (both fuel and electric vehicles) or some combination of each to get around in this active community. The city of Camarillo does provide free bus service for the fixed route service to Leisure Village residents and the bus passes through Leisure Village on the two main roads.  The city also provides a Dial-A-Ride service at a discounted rate to seniors.


Information from above linked website.

Transportation Services For The Elderly

The City provides general public dial-a-ride service to everyone in Camarillo. Dail-a-ride is a door to door service. All of the dial-a-ride vehicles are equipped for wheelchairs. Service is provided to all destinations within the city limits. The fare is $1.50 for a one way trip for seniors and the disabled, $2.00 for adults and students. The City provides same day service with a minimum 2 hour notice. For more information, or to reserve a ride, please call 988-4228.

Where is the nearest grocery store, drug store, hospital, and airport? Are banks nearby?

The closest store to Leisure Village is CVS Pharmacy located just outside the gates. The closest grocery store is Vons which is in Mission Oaks Plaza about one mile from the Main Gate just up the hill on Woodcreek Dr. (Which is also where you find your favorite Real Estate Consultants - Barlow Williams Realty) The closest hospital is St. Johns Pleasant Valley Hospital about four miles away. Also in the area are Los Robles Regional Medical Center in Thousand Oaks and St. Johns Regional Hospital in Oxnard. The closest commercial airport is in Oxnard about 20 miles away, but most residents use Burbank or Los Angeles International Airport which are about an hour away. As far as banks in the area you have Bank of America , Wells Fargo, and Chase Bank all within a mile.

Will you please tell me about the security at Leisure Village?

Leisure Village Security

The security at Leisure Village includes 24 hour guarded gates and patrol cars. All security personnel are trained in emergency First Aid. The patrol cars also use radar patrol to control speed. The speed limit is strictly enforced!!

What kind of activities and amenities are in Leisure Village?

Activities in Leisure Village Camarillo

There are just too many to name them all so here are a few: 18 Hole par-three Golf Course, Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Olympic Size Swimming Poll (heated year round), Spa, Recreation Center with Billiard Room, Wood Shop, Ceramics, Lapidary, Art Painting, Choral, Dancing Groups, Theatre Performers, Music, Sewing Room, College Classes, Cards, Bingo, Photography, Chess, Scrabble, Book Reviews, Current Issues, Travel Committee and In House TV Channel. Don’t forget we have over 60 clubs so there is something for everyone here.

This is one community where you are only bored if you have chosen to be.  There is always something going on in the Village.

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What is the weather like in Camarillo?

great weather in Camarillo

According to the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce, Camarillo has Mild Coastal Temperatures year round. The year round mean temperature is 73 degrees.

The way many residents in Leisure Village describe it is just “a little peace of heaven on earth.”  Now that is nice weather and a great place to live, isn’t it?


Here is a link from www.weather.com – Camarillo CA